Money Suggestion: 2 Minute Read (Mini blog)

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Money Suggestion: 2 Minute Read (Mini blog)

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If you are not earning money while sleeping you can never live a free life. Create assets that give you money while sleeping so that you can enjoy when you are awake.

How To Master Money?

  • Invest in yourself by reading books, attending seminar and joining courses. Spend some chunk of your money in learning and developing skills every once in a while.

  • People are fool who say books don't improve your life but actions do. When you read books your mind naturally forces you to take actions. I never know a successful man who doesn't read books. Every non-fiction book can play a vital role in awakening your intellects.

  • If you have enough savings. Do not put all your money in saving account or fixed deposit.

  • Never remain in debt for so long because the interest rate goes with clock which means interest rate never stops even when you are sleeping.

  • Train yourself before stepping into any business. Work under a firm for a year a or two, or go for a valuable online course and learn what are the set of skills required to build the same business.

  • Do not try to master everything. “If there are nine rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one.” - Jack Ma

  • Work on creating 4 different assets. These business must not be dependent on each other. In short, as Warren Buffett said: Never put all eggs in one basket.

  • Hustle to become entrepreneur. Develop patience for masterpiece. Entrepreneurship is adventurous. Art is pleasant and peaceful. Both have different experiences.

  • Know your worth and add tax. (This comes handy when serving a client).

  • Do not confuse schooling with education — meaning that just because you go to school does not mean you necessarily got an education. Stay away from energy drainers.

  • Improve communication skills and learn how to convince people.

  • Go where there is less competition. Creativity is what you can only go for. When typewriters came everyone started manufacturing typewriters, but Steve Jobs came with Apple.

  • Start writing a book. You never know what your mind will explore.

  • Love your parents. They have invested their whole life in you. Never become a poor asset.

  • Go for a Ph.D in stress management. The aim is not only earning money but a balance life. Spending half of your life in earning money and the rest of your life in regaining health is not a balance life.