How To Get A .edu Email (for free, obviously)

How To Get A .edu Email (for free, obviously)

Yep, a proper guide (finally)

Tested by me literally 48 hours back.

Here you go.

Things you'll need: an e-mail address (not a tempmail), a fake identity , SSN validator , a clean record of all the data you use (i prefer saving the fake identity webpage as a pdf until i no longer need it, and some patience.

The procedure:

  1. Head to this link , go to first time user acount creation,

  2. Input a login ID and a PIN (can be anything, just make sure you remember it).

  3. In Application Type, choose First Time Attending College

  4. Admission Term should be Summer 2022, and input the name you get from your fake identity (make sure it's a michigan address).

  5. Input the address (tweak it a little according to the error, or just search the name of the street+city and you should get access to actual addresses easily). Check 'Yes' on the first box, 'No' on the second

  6. Skip the post office details

  7. Citizenship: US Citizen, Input your e-mail address twice, Add 4 digits to the end of the SSN on the fake identity validate it (link provided already), and remember it.

  8. Select Gender according to your identity, Input Birthdate (this is important for later sign-ins), yes to michigan resident, no to military. Choose ethnicity as white because, well... America.

  9. Google a High School in the city your fake lives in, choose any random date for your graduation, input GPA something okayish, i usually go with 3.5-3.8.

  10. For your planned course study, pick whatever. I usually go for an Associate Degree.

  11. Wait for 48 hours to get your login credentials.

Enjoy :)