How To Use "Instagram Downloader API v2"?

How To Use "Instagram Downloader API v2"?

Please use v1 now :

Now you can build your own Instagram downloader website using our free API. Our API supports everything from for example photos, videos, reels, stories and more.

I will be changing the old API with the new version, so anyone using the old and unstable version should switch to the new and stable version.

How to use it?

API Link:

Available variables: link & cookie

Available methods: GET & POST

Link: This is a string collection of all URLs that will be sent to our system.

Cookie[BASE 64 ENCODED]: This will send an "Instagram cookie" to us.

How To Get Instagram Cookie?

Open your instagram account then open console and refresh the page. Rest is in the video below.

Your Instagram cookie should look like this before encoding:

And should look like this after encoding it in base64:

So your final link should look like this:

I have removed the full cookie from the above URL, it was just to show you.

Works with Instagram's Photos, Videos, Stories, DP, Highlights, IGTV and Reels!

To-Do List:
1. Ability to add proxies while sending requests.
2. Ability to add user-agent while sending requests.

Please feel free to mail me for anything else at