Add "Donate via UPI" Button To Your Website

Add "Donate via UPI" Button To Your Website

What keeps us away from signing to a website or an app often?

The common factor here can be the fear that your personal and plastic card details will be stored by them. There are other factors too, but this part always occupies a significant role. Before understanding what this website does for you, ensure that you read this blog till last to thoroughly understand the whole set of features.

Generating funds has been a common practice for half-decade, but the procedure demanded for it is too tedious. Last time while checking a start-up firm, I saw a button, “Donate here to let us grow.” The concept was pretty good as there was no lower or upper limit by which anyone could help. Utilizing such ideas properly may help anyone go ahead in their direction without indulging in the traditional loan process.

How exactly does it work?

logo.png It is a process to generate a donation button through different tab names. This button can come with interesting names like buy me a coffee, buy me a samosa, treat me a pizza, etc. People can visit this button and donate accordingly.

How is it simple to do it through

Generally, doing such steps demands a lot of coding but with, no such coding is essential. Above all, you are not required to share personal details apart from your name, the registered email ID you are willing to communicate, and the button name. The process is as simple as it sounds while reading this blog. After that, add your UPI to transfer the amount to your respective account directly. No middleman or sharing of your account details or personal details or documents is applicable here.

The amount gets credited to your account after the code is generated. Whenever a person donates through this process, the amount will hit your account immediately. No data collection process is here, and they take special care of your privacy.

Often the most significant problem lies that while indulging in such a process, people must compromise with their personal details, but no such privacy breach occurs here. Just think about some exciting widget names and hit your account today! Do share with us ideas and strategies if you have any to make us serve you better! It is simpler than opening a new email account with a unique user name! Nothing should stop you from starting a donating button after reading that this service comes for free from this website!